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1. SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE WORD (SVD) (Feast Day September 8)

The Society of the Divine Word is a religious Congregation of Priests and Brothers founded in Steyl, Holland, in 1875 by St. Arnold Janssen as a foreign missionary society whose members work "first and foremost where the Gospel has not yet been preached at all or only insufficiently and where the local church is not yet viable on its own". The principle object of the Society is the propagation of the faith in the mission. The Divine Word Missionaries conduct retreats, undertake pastoral work, distribute Catholic literature and help to promote the "Co- Missionary Apostolate" a purely spiritual association to help Missionaries.


Badidhamini Parish


St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Badi Dhamni
Thandla P.O., Jhabua Dt, M.P.
Pin: 457777
Fr. George Bhuriya SVD,
Fr. Basil D’souza SVD

Mobile: 9926950414

Mobile: 7898142447


Petlawad Parish

St. Mary's Church, Petlawad
Rupgard Road, Mahi Colony
Petlawad P. O.,Jhabua Dist, M. P.
Fr. Benjamin Ferdina SVD
Mobile: 9926423370



Rajeshwar Mandir ,
B.P.O. Kakanwani,
Thandla P.O.
Jhabua Dt, M.P. 457777
Fr. Habil Lakara SVD
Tel: 07390 - 275444
Mobile: 9589664428

Meghnagar Parish 

Khrist  Jyoti Mandir,
Meghnagar, Jhabua Dt, Pin: 457779, M.P
Fr. Joseph Jeerakathill SVD
Fr. Pious Cyriac SVD

Mobile: 9425970082
Mobile: 9893371971

Pastoral Centre
Khrist Jyoti Kendra (Pastoral Centre)
Meghnagar, Jhabua Dt.-457779, M.P.
Fr. Joseph Jeerakathil SVD

Mobile: 9425970082


Unnai Parish

St. Joseph's Church
Kodly P. O. 457773
Via Petlawad, Jhabua Dist, M. P
Fr. George Kochumurry
Mobile: 9424096042


Thandla Parish     

The Church of Immaculate Heart of Mary
Catholic Church Thandla
P.O. Thandla, Dt., Jhabua., 457779, M.P.
Fr. Casmir Damor SVD 
Tel: ( (07390) 276360
Mobile: 9827605721, 9407193358

2 . SALESIANS OF DON BOSCO (SDB) (Feast Day January 31)

Founded by Don Bosco in 1864, they work with the firm belief that investment in youth-resource development is the only sure way to building up a better nation and a more humane world. Salesians are Catholic men and women who choose to live their baptismal calling in the spirit and style of St. John Bosco, the Friend and Father of Youth: called to be signs and witnesses of the Risen Christ, and active bearers of his love for the young after the example of Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Each member shares the responsibility for the mission to the young. Together, they use their gifts and talents to help the young encounter, celebrate and give witness to God who loves them all. Salesians are persons who want to dedicate their lives to the service of youth, especially the poor and marginalized. The Salesians fulfill their Charism in a variety of Apostolate: through educational institutions both formal and non formal, parishes, missions, youth centers, boardings, hostels, rural social development and centers for disadvantaged youth.


Alirajpur Parish


Catholic Church Alirajpur
Behind Shivaji Marg, Alirajpur
Jhabua Dt. - 457887, M.P.

Fr. Stanny Fereira SDB
Fr. Blaise Fernandes SDB
Fr. Osborn Futardo SDB
Fr. Cyril D'Souza SDB
Fr. Glen Fernandes SDB
Mobile: 9826720499
Mobile: 9920765633
Mobile: 8827869816

Jhabua Hostel

Jyoti Bhavan Boys Hostel
Near Dilip Gate, P.O Box : 4
Jhabua - 457 661, M.P.

Fr. George Christopher Valentino SDB
Fr. Pratap Damor SDB

Mobile: 9993615474
Mobile: 7898780486


On 24th October 1838, feast of the Archangel of St. Raphael, the Congregation of the Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales was founded in Annecy, Savoy. The Feast of St. Francis De Sales is being celebrated all over on 24th January.

At present the Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales are rendering their services in India and abroad. There are nine provinces and two Mission Stations. (France-Suisse Province, English Province, Brasil Province, Nagpur Province, Pune, Visakhapatnam, South-west, North-East, East African Province). Mission Centres; Phillippines, and Chile.


Neemuch Parish

Catholic Church
C.R.P.F. Area
Neemuch Dt 458441, M.P

Fr. Philip Meleparambil MSFS
Fr. Ignatius MSFS

Tel: (07423) 221778
Mob:8989622199, 9009249013

Mob: 9407391981


The Missionary Society of St. Thomas the Apostle (MST) is a missionary institute of the Syro Malabar Church. The purpose of the Society is mission "ad gentes" in India and outside. The MST was founded by His Excellency Mar Sebastian Vayalil, the First Bishop of Palai in concurrence with the Syro Malabar bishops and with the approval of the Holy See on 22 nd February 1968 at Melampara in the diocese of Palai. The Society, which began with 18 diocesan priests, has at present 267 priest members and 185 students in different stages of priestly formation. The MST has now three Mission Regions: Ujjain, Mandya and Sangli. The central administration of the society functions at Deepti Bhavan, Melampara, in the diocese of Palai. The MST has now her own Minor Seminary (Deepti College) started in 1969 at Melampara, Missionary Orientation Centre (Jeevan Jyoti) at Srirangapatana, Mandya; philosophy section of the Ruhalaya Major Seminary, started in 1986 and Theology section in 1997 in the diocese of Ujjain, M.P.


Shamgarh Parish

Catholic Church
Blessed Alphonsa Mission
Makdawan Road
Shamgarh 458 883, M.P.

Fr. John Manjmattam MST
Tel: ( 07425) 232799

Mob: 9993002910


Nirmal Jyoti Special Vidalaya

(School For Mently Retarded Children
108, Kotari Nagar
Sngeet Naka
Mandsaur-458001, M.P.
Fr. George Pottananikal MST
Fr. Binu MST

Mobile: 9479855086
Mobile: 8269915336

5. MONTFORT BROTHERS OF ST. GABRIEL (S.G) (Feast Day - 28 th April)

The Brothers of St. Gabriel are a part of the worldwide Montfortain family founded by St. Louis Marie de Montfor in France in the early years of the 18th century. They became an autonomous society in 1842. Ever since they have been pioneers in the field of general education, vocational training and the education for deaf and blind.

Today the Brothers of St. Gabriel are working in 31 countries in all the continents of the world. There were three French Brothers arrived in India in 1903 and began the sacred mission of education. Now the brothers are running both English and vernacular medium schools throughout the country. In the beginning of the centenary year of the arrival of the Brothers, there are six provinces in India with 559 members. The Brothers from 126 fraternal communities all over the country are serving in 159 institutions.

The Brothers are involved in general and vocational education, providing training for deaf, the blind, the aged and the orthopaedically handicapped, fighting for the rights and development of Tribals, Dalits and the urban poor by creating harmony and peace among various religious and social groups. In our quest to create a just and fraternal society we are guided by our Founder Montfort's Motto: God Alone.

1. Harinagar School



Montfort School
Harinagar – 457 779
Jhabua Dt , M.P.

Bro. Varghese P.J. SG

Bro. John Minj SG
Bro. Raj Kishore SG

Bro. Binu Cherian SG

Tel: (07390) 275519

Mob: 9826805316

Mob: 7898785370

Mob: 8224813728

Mob: 9174854379



Vincent Pallotti was born in Rome on 21st April, 1795, ordained a Priest for the diocese of Rome in 1818. As a Priest Vincent unfolded an incredibly manifold activity in the city of Rome. Founded the union of the Catholic Apostolate on 4th April, 1835. He died on 22nd January, 1850 and was canonized on 28th January, 1963 by Pope John XXIII. The main charism of the society is to enkindle Love and Charity, to awaken the faith of the Catholics and to make every Catholic aware of his/her apostolic responsibilities ensuing from this mission. In this effort anybody including the diocesan clergy and the religious, collaborate with the Pallottines and can become members of the Pallottine Union. The Society of the Catholic Apostolate is a core community of the Union of the Catholic Apostolate and as such responsible for the spirituality and apostolic effectiveness of the whole union. The animation of the laity is a very important expression of their Charism.


Ishgarh Parish

Pastor Assistant
St. Joseph's Church
P.O. Piplia , Jahbaua Dt
Pin: 457661 , M.P.

Fr. Sakhayidas Thazhathoppil SAC
Fr. Antony Lawrence SAC

Mobile: 9425343410
Mobile: 9425938012


7.HERALDS OF GOOD NEWS (HGN) (Feast Day – March 19)

Rev. Dr. Jose Kailett, with his collaborators Rev. Fr. Thomas Alenchery, Rev. Fr. K.V.Augustine and Rev. Fr. Mathew Kallikatt founded the Heralds of Good News Missionary Society in 1984, with the specific aim of promoting vocations to priesthood, training them and eventually sending out saintly and hardworking missionaries to places wherever there is an acute shortage of priests due to the lack of local vocations.

The foundation stone for the first house of the Society at Kurukkuru were laid on 12th December 1984 and the first batch of students were admitted in June 1985. In the mean time, more priests, mainly from the dioceses of Eluru and Vijayawada, joined the society. The Heralds of Good News was erected as a Society of Apostolic Life of the Diocesan right on 5th May 1991. The Society was raised to the order of Pontifical Right on 5th May 1999. At present it has 211 permanently professed members and 745 seminarians at the different levels of formation.

The missionaries are at present serving in Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Italy, Guatemala, Uganda, Holland, Tanzania, Kenya and the U.S.A. Besides these they are also working in 22 dioceses in India engaged in various apostolic activities.


Insur Parish Catholic Church
Tirakala P.O, Mohankheda
Dhar Dt, Rajgarh – 454116, M.P

Fr. Louis Tigga
Mobile: 8890257407, 9174629050