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1.PRABHUDASI SISTERS OF AJMER (PSA) (Feast day: 25th March)

The Handmaids of the Lord, Ajmer, are a Pontifical Congregation of Religious Sisters whose aim is to spread the Gospel of Christ, taking the Blessed Virgin Mary as their model and following in the foot-steps of the great saint of Assisi. The Congregation was founded in Ajmer In the year 1906, by Rt. Rev. Fortunatus Henry Caumont, O.F.M. Cap, the First Bishop of Ajmer.


Ishgarh Convent

Ishgarh, P.O. Piplia
Jhabua Dt – 457661, M.P
Tel: (07392) 200810

Dungripada Convent

Prabhudasi Ashram
Dungripada, B.P.O. Kakanwani
Thandla P.O.
Jhabua Dt – 457777, M.P.
Tel: (07390) 275445


Panchkui Convent

St. Charles Ashram
P.O. Panchkui, Via Meghnagar
Jhabua Dt – 457779, M.P.

Tel: (07390) 286416


Thandla Convent

Thandla P.O
Jhabua Dt – 457779, M.P.

Tel: (07390) 276212


Meghnagar convent

Shanti Bhavan

Jhabua Dt – 457779, M.P.

Tel: 07390- 284018


The Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Mary of the Angels began in Angers, France in August 1871. God had set His seal on Caroline Rugange, the Foundress through a prophecy of St. John Vianney. While on a pilgrimage to Ars, France, with her mother, St. John Vianney had singled her out in the crowds and had told the mother,” Watch very carefully over this child. God has some special designs for her. A few generous ladies inspired by her example joined her in this great enterprise and together they committed their lives to Jesus in the Eucharist and to the service of the poor and needy. Thus was founded the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Mary of the Angels in 1871. The Sisters dedicate themselves to living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Spirit of Marand Francis of Assisi, with joy, simplicity and open-heartedness.

Eucharistic adoration is the source and centre of their spiritual and missionary life throughout the world.


Unnai Convent

Maria Sadan
Unnai, P.O. Kodli
Petlawad Via – 457773, M.P.

Tel: (07391) 265152   


Japadhara Convent

Our Lady of Lourd’s Convent
Jhapadhara, Thandla P.O
Jhabua Dt – 457777, M.P
Tel: ( 07390) 262277

3. Thandla Convent St. Joseph Convent
Thandla P.O
Jhabua Dt – 457779, M.P .
Tel: (07390) 276114

3.MISSION SISTERS OF AJMER (MSA) (Feast day: 14th September)

The Congregation was founded on April 26, 1911 by the first Bishop of Ajmer, Rt. Rev. Henry  Fortunatus Caumont in collaboration with his sister, Mother Mary Matilda, to help the missionaries  in the apostolate in Rajasthan. The Mission Sisters of Ajmer is an indigenous congregation. The aim of the Congregation is nothing other than “Redemption”. Their filed of activities is mainly among non-Christians. The sisters conduct catechumenates, schools, colleges, dispensaries, maternity and nursing homes, welfare centers and other missionary works and social uplift projects.


Jhabua Convent Holy Family Convent
P.O.Box: 3

Jhabua Dt – 457661, M.P
Tel: (07392) 243544
2. Bhagor Convent Mission Sisters Home
Gopalpura P.O
Bhagor Via, Jhabua Dt – 457779, M.P.

Tel: (957392) 2812281

3. Ranapur Convent St. Angela’s Convent
Bhoorimatti, P.O. Ranapur
Jhabua Dt – 457993, M.P
Tel: (07392) 283631


It was founded in the year 1866 by the combined efforts of Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara and the Italian Missionary Fr. Leopold Boccaro O.C.D. `Dhyanena Madhakta-Karmana Madarpita’ is the motto of C.M.C. Bhakti and Karma is blended in her lifestyle. They work in both English and Hindi Medium schools in Indore and Khandwa. Value education and Character Formation are the most important goals of their education.


Mandsaur Convent

St. Thomas Convent
Mandsaur -458001, M.P
Tel: (07422) 224933
2. Manasa Convent Carmel Convent
Neemuch Dt
Manasa – 458110, M.P.
Tel: (07421) 243692


The religious institute known as the Congregation of Teresian Carmelites (C.T.C) the first indigenous one was founded on February 1866 at Koonammauv, a village in Kerala in the Archdiocese of Verapoly, by Rev. Mother Eliswa, who was a widow. Her daughter Anna and her Sister Teresa were its first members. The specific aim of the Congregation is a total dedication to the service of the church by the exercise of the apostolate of prayer and sacrifice, of missionary activities, Christian education and the performance of the works of charity.


Jaora Convent
Carmel Sadan
P.B.No: 21, Jaora
Ratlam Dt, 457226
Tel: ( 07414) 221581
2. Neemuch Convent Sr.Jude CTC
St. George’s Carmel Convent
Neemuch Dt, 458441, M.P

Tel: (07423) 222896



The Diocesan Congregation of Sant Joseph Sevika Sanstha was founded on 13th January, 1965, according to the wish of Bishop Francis Simons SVD, the first Bishop of Indore, by Sr. Baptista Simons, S.Sp.S. The principal works of the Congregation are: care of orphans, old people, and leprosy patients. Social uplifts and rehabilitation, pastoral and evangelical work as well as mobile medical teams and non-formal education, particularly in village areas.


Insur Convent St. Joseph Sevalaya
Sardarpur Tehsil, P.O. Tirallakala
Via Mohankheda
Rajgarh, Dhar Dt – 454116, M.P

Mobile: 9425102215 
2. Jhabua Convent c/o Catholic Church
P.O.Box: 3
Jhabua Dt – 457661, M.P

PIPILIYA MANDI: Holy Cross Convent
Kacharia Road,
Pipliya Mandi,
Mandsaur Dt. 458664, M.P


7.SISTERS OF ST. JOSEPH OF ST. MARK (SJSM) (Feast day: 19th March)

The Congregation was founded at St. Marc, in France by Rev. Pirre Paul Blanck on March 3rd, 1845. He had always a thirst for contemplative life. As he was a parish priest some young pious girls approached him and expresses their desire to consecrate their lives in a contemplative way rather than active. He prayed, reflected and planned everything. He fixed the aim of the Congregation `Perpetual adoration of Blessed Sacrament and manual work`. The founder put the congregation under the special protection of St. Joseph.

By the end of First World War, Elsases became French territory and the field of action of       St. Joseph Sisters crossed frontiers. Therefore it became necessary for them to find a common provincial house to be started in Germany. After many search and many difficulties, it was possible on 7th June 1920 to set up the province of the Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Trudpert In 1970 this province became an independent congregation.

The Apostolic Activities: Visiting the poor, caring for the aged, being with the sick, in hospitals and dispensaries and Leprosy centers, teaching, caring for the girls in boarding and parochial activities. The Charism: Adoration of God, service to the poor and needy.


Bhandaria Convent St. Joseph Convent
Bhandaria, P.O Bhagor
Via Meghnagar
Jhabua Dt – 457779, M.P.

Tel: (07392) 200771, 281208



The Congregation was founded in 1650 in France by Msgr. Bnery de Maupas and Fr. Medaille S.J. Together they succeeded in realizing the primary intention of St. Francis de Sales when he founded the Religious of the Visitation of Holy Mary. The French Revolution threatened to destroy it, but the indomitable courage and fervent piety of Mother St. John Fontbonne under the guidance of R. Cholleton revived the spirit of the institute.

1. Mohankot Convent St. Joseph Convent
P.O. Mohankot
Via Raipuriya
Jhabua Dt - 457775, M.P.
Tel: (07391) 260218
2. Meghnagar-Anthervelia St. Joseph Sadan
Anthervelia P.O
Jhabua Dt - 457779, M.P.
Tel: (07390) 284260
3. Ratlam Convent St. Joseph Convent
Ratlam - 457001, M.P.
Tel: (07412) 230167

9. HANDMAIDS OF MARY (HM) (Feast day: 8th December)

The Congregation of the Handmaids of Mary was founded by Rev. Fr. Edmund Harrison S.J. in 1944 at Kesramal, Orissa, in Rourkela Diocese.

Its Charism is to follow Jesus Christ, like Mary the Handmaid of the Lord, to the end through her Spirit of surrender and Total Availability to the will of God as manifested in the joyful mysteries of Annunciation & Visitation.

The main apostolate is evangelization and Catechism, Education, Health Care, Socio Developmental activities giving priority to the uplift of women and children.

1. Rajgarh Convent Nirmala Niketan
P.O. Rajgarh
Dhar Dt - 454116
Tel: (07296) 234495
2. Dattigaon Convent Maria Nivas
P.O. Dattigaon
Via Rajgarh
Dhar Dt - 454116, M.P
Mobile: 9425102214

10. MEDICAL SISTERS OF ST. JOSEPH (MSJ) (Feast day: 19th March)

The Congregation of the Medical Sisters of St. Joseph (MSJ) Dharmagiri, Kothamangalam, Kerala was founded by Msgr. Joseph C. Panjikaran MA, PHD.DD DCL, in 1944 with the aim of providing complete health care effectively and efficiently through its dedicated personnel without any discrimination of caste, creed, age or sex, in the society. He named the society “Dharmagiri”: (Charity Mount), and intended through that it should radiate the compassionate love of Jesus Christ to all those who approach for medical aid. Besides hospitals and dispensaries, the Sisters pay more attention to community health service and other welfare programmes.

1. . Meghnagar   Convent Jyoti Niketan Convent
Jhabua Dt - 457779, M.P.

Tel: (07390) 284433

11. CONGREGATION OF THE HOLY FAMILY (CHF) (Feast day: 29th December)

The Congregation of the Holy Family was founded by Blessed Mother Mariam Theresia and Fr. Joseph Vithayathil on 14th May, 1914. The spirit of the Holy Family of Nazareth, the compassionate love emanating from the deep union with the crucified Lord and the liberative mission accomplished through Family Apostolate are the main characteristics of the charism of the Founders. However, family Apostolate is the main charism.

1. Bajna Convent Holy Family Convent
Gram Chhavni Bhabar
P.O. Bajna - 457555
Ratlam Dt, M.P

Tel: (07413) 275350


12. MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY (MC) (Feast day: 22nd August)

The Religious Institute of the Missionaries of Charity was founded by Mother Teresa Bojaxiu in the Archdiocese of Calcutta. It was erected into a religious congregation of Diocesan right on 7th October, 1950, and elevated to the rank of pontifical right on 1st February,1965. The specific Aim of the Missionaries Of Charity is to labor for the Salvation and Sanctification of the poorest of the poor, not only in slums, but also all over the world recognizing in them the image and likeness of God. Mother Teresa says “Let each sister see Jesus in the person of the poor. The more repugnant the work of the person, the greater also must be her faith, love and cheerful devotion in ministering to our Lord in the distressing disguise.”

1. Jhabua  Convent Mother Teresa Convent
Mother Teresa Colony
P.O. Box: 3
Jhabua Dt – 457661, M.P
Tel: (07392) 245716
2. Ratlam Convent Nirmala Bhavan
Katju Nagar
Ratlam - 457552, M.P
Tel: (07412) 234776

13 .POOR HANDMAIDS OF JESUS CHRIST (PHJC) (Feast day: 15th August)

The community was founded in 1851 by Katharina Kasper in Dernbach, West Germany, a small Village in Westerwald. Katharina who later became known as Mother Mary Kasper, served the poor, widows and orphans in her own village. Now, with special dedication to the poor, the sister’s care for the sick, and the aged, they further Christian education, and engage in social and Pastoral ministries.

1. Ranapur Convent Karuna Sadan
Rampura, Ranapur P.O
Jhabua Dt - 457993, M.P
Tel: (07390) 283260


Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (S.Sp.S) was founded on 8th December 1889 in Steyl, Netherland, by St. Arnold Janssen SVD together with Co-Foundresses Blessed Maria Helena Stollenwerk and Mother Josepha Hendrina Stenmanns. The main ministry so far has been Catechetical, Educational, Medical and Socio-Pastoral.

1. Alirajpur Convent Harsh Vihar Convent
Behind Shivaji Marg Alirajpur, Jhabua Dt - 457887, M.P.
Tel: (07394) 234133
2. Badidhamini Convent Pavitra Atma Nivas
Badidhami, Thandla P.O
Jhabua Dt - 457777
Tel: (957392) 200014


The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Elizabeth was founded in 1925 in Freiburg, Germany by Mathilda Otto. The main apostolate is to serve the families, care of the mother and child, serve the sick and aged. The motto of the Congregation is “The will of God”. The first Foundation in India was in 1974 in Guna in the diocese of Sagar.

1. Jamli Convent Elizabeth Bhavan
Petlawad Tahsil
Via Raipuriya
Jhabua Dt - 457775
Tel: (07391) 261179
2. Petlawad Convent Elizabeth Convent
Nirmal Takies, Bamaniya Road
Jhabua Dt, Petlawad - 457777, M.P
Tel: (07391) 265423


In the benevolent designs of God, Adoration Congregation has its humble origin on 29th January 1908, by the Founder Bishop, Thomas Kurialacherry. Eucharistic life is the aim of the congregation. The members accept themselves as living holocausts, chosen to atone for the sins against our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Their special call is to grow deep in His love, and to identify themselves with the Lord who is meek and humble revealed to them by emptying himself in the Holy Eucharist. The prayerful moments spent before the Lord fill them with His abundant graces and strengthen them to work for His people, to draw them to an active faith in the Holy sacrifice of the Mass.

The general curia of the congregation is established at the  generalate, Cenacle, Aluva. The congregation is divided into seven provinces five vice provinces and two regions. Sisters are engaged in educational institutions, health centers and in social welfare programmes like mother and child health care, village boarding houses, homes for the aged and handicapped and jail ministry.

1. Antonpura Convent St. Antony’s Convent
Anthonpura, C/O Catholic Church Jhabua
P.O. Box: 3, Jhabua Dt - 457 661, M.P.
Tel: (07392) 285185
2. Nemmuch Convent Catholic Church,Neemuch
Dt - 458441, M.P.


Rev.Fr. Sebastian L.C. Presentation, with the permission of his Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Bento Martin Riberio, with the blessings of Rt. Rev. Dr. Alexander Choolaparambil Bishop of Kottayam, started the Holy Family convent at Kattoor of the diocese of Cochin on 29th January 1924, which developed into a diocesan Congregation today known as the Sisters of Visitation Congregation. The spirit of the congregation is primarily to achieve God experience like St. Francis de sales and St. Jane De Chantal. The main apostolate is education and formation of children and youth particularly of the girls, evangelization of the people through catechism and B.C.C. apostolate, run hospitals, dispensaries, health care centers where the indigenous population have no such facilities. Also conducting mobile clinics and community health development programmes, looking after the old and infirm, run girl’s homes for orphaned girls, hostel, tailoring centers, credit union, and job oriented programmes for unemployed women. Through regular house-visiting sisters dedicate themselves for the service of the poor and the marginalized.

1. Ratlam Convent St. Ann’s Convent
98-A Railway Colony
Ratlam - 457001, M.P

Tel: (07412) 230770

2. Shamgarh Convent Divya Darshan Convent
Makdawan Road
Shamgarh - 458883, M.P
Tel: (07425) 231353


The Congregation was started on December 14, 1888 at Changanacherry. It took its origin from a fraternity of Franciscan territories of the parish of   Palai. Their desire for a fuller Franciscan life was responded to by Rt. Rev. Dr. Charles Lavigne, then Vicar Apostolic of Kottayam whose paternal solicitude resulted in founding a new offshoot of Franciscan Family in Kerala, Franciscan Clarist Congregation.

The Infant Congregation soon flourished within and outside the Diocese of Changanacherry. In 1910 independent units were started in Trichur Diocese and in 1928 in Ernakulam Diocese. Gradual but steady growth took place in these three dioceses. By now the Congregation has spread to 12 Dioceses of Kerala and many dioceses outside Kerala.

1. Bhandaria Convent Vishwa Jyoti Convent
Bandaria, P.O. Bhagor
Meghnagar Via
Jhabua Dt - 457779, M.P.
Mobile: 9426570589
2. Barbad Rani Niketan Convent
Trimurthy Nagar,
Sailana Road, Barbad Villege,
Ratlam 457001 M.P.
Tel: 07412- 234948

19. Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate (Nirmala Sisters) – M.S.I (Feast – December 8)

The Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate was founded on December 8, 1936 in Milan, Italy by the Pontifical Institute for the Foreign Missions. It is an International Religious Missionary Congregation.

The specific aim of the Congregation is a total dedication of each member to evangelization, especially among the non-christians, through activities, which bring about the promotion of God’s Kingdom. The Congregation, which enjoys Pontifical Right, is engaged in missionary activities in different parts of the world such as Italy, India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Hong Kong, Africa, London and Paua New Guinea.

The first six missionaries were sent to India in the year 1948 and they started the first house at Gudivada in Krishna District, A.P. The Novitiate was opened at Bhimavaram in 1955 and later on shifted to Vijayawada and then to Amalapuram. Now the Congregation has two provinces and one region in India. Another novitiate was started at Medchal by the Hyderabad Province.

1. Ratlam Convent 74, Pratap Nagar Opposite Central Excise Colony
Ratlam – 457001, M.P.
Tel: 07412 - 395113 .

20. DAUGHTERS OF OUR LADY OF MERCY (FDM) (Feast 17th December)

St. Mary Joseph Rossello (1811-1880) founded the congregation of the "Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy" on August 10th of 1837 in Savona-Italy. The aim of the congregation is to diffuse the mercy of God in the world being like Mother Mary – Mother of Mercy, the one who appeared in Savona on 18th March and 8th April of 1536 to the Antonio Botta. Today the congregation is flourishing in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. Prompt to relive every misery, the daughters of our Lady of Mercy offer their service of mercy for all; giving preference to the poor.

1. Harinagar Convent St. Rossello's Convent
Monfort School Harinagar, Thandla
Jhabua, M.P. 457777

21. BENEDICTINE SISTERS OF ST. LIOBA (OSB) (Feast day: 11th July)

Maria Benedicta Forenbach founded the Congregation of Benedictine Sisters of St. Lioba in Germany in the year 1927. The aim of the congregation is "Search for God and Service of man" and its Motto is "Never Forsake Charity".

1. Kalidevi Convent Snehsadan convent
Kalidevi, P.O.
Dt. Jhabua- 457661, M.P.
Tel : (07392) 282247


The congregation of the Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception is an international congregation of Pontifical Right and follows the Rule of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis Assisi It was founded in Portugal on 3rd May 1871; by the Founder Father Raimundo dos Anjos Beiaro and Foundress Sister Maria Clara do Menino Jesus. Keeping in mind the charism of the Founders and their Motto "Where there is good to be done, do it", the sisters render their services throughout the world.

1. Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters C/o Harsh Vihar
Behind Shivaji Marg,
Alirajpur – 457 887
Jhabua M.P.
Mobile: 9893763602


The Society was found by Rev. Fr. Abraham Kaipanplackal and its aim is to help the poor in all possible ways. Charism of the congregation is "Service of the poor and abandoned in the society".

1. Mandsaur Convent Snehagiri Sisters
C/o St. Thomas Church,
Mandsaur- 458001, M.P.
Mobile: 9981682005


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